At CRMoptics we have also linked a webshop module to our software. When a 'new customer' searches online we want your optical store to be found.

A webshop in 3 steps


We give you half a day of training so that you can immediately get started to develop the webshop you dreamed of. We offer this completely free of charge.


Link the right photos to each frame or sunglasses. The more photos you link to the product, the more you can see in the webshop.


You can design the webshop according to your preference. When a frame or sunglass is sold, the stock immediately adjusts in the system. This will now no longer be displayed on the webshop.

You can use the webshop as a second display case and also as a real webshop with various payment and delivery options.


This is an example of what the webshop can look like. You can link the photos to the frames, create categories and even add promotions.


You can design a nice homepage for the webshop. This is an example of one of our customers.


You can easily add a description to each product yourself. We display the brand and the internal number on the webshop, making it more difficult for a customer to compare prices. The customer can add it to the shopping basket or make an appointment to fit the glasses.

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