Our free software

Customer management and scheduling, history of eye measurements, proof of payment, printing inventory and printing health forms, everything an independent optician needs to keep business running.

No data is lost when you switch to CRMoptics because we will migrate it for you.

Your data is safe and guaranteed to remain your property.

With personalized training you can get started with CRMoptics in no time.

Being sympathetic and more sales go hand in hand.

CRMoptics opticians do not pay for their software but invest in marketing. Not only does it make them the most likeable optician in the area, but they tell us that it has increased their sales. The marketing solutions are always optional - you choose what you want.

Why other opticians switch:


A free software package for an independent optician.


Personalized, automated post card and e-mail marketing. 

Tailor-made training

We offer training courses and support to teach you all the tricks of our software. 

Ads pay for the software

Advertising space has been subtly built-in to the bottom of your screen for frame and lens manufacturers making the software free for the end user. 

Safe and trustworthy

All your data is on our servers. There is a regular backup, without you having to watch over it. We never sell or pass on your data.

A multifunctional program

From the customer base, health insurance module, inventory to electronic customer follow-up. The software is equipped from A to Z !

In our previous program, we were unable to follow up our eyewear customers, so we switched to CRMoptics.

Filip from Optiek Roeselare 

100+ opticians already work with CRMoptics on a daily basis